Theatre Department

Cypress Lake Middle School’s Theatre Department has two shows currently in production. Theatre 3 students are rehearsing the play, “Ths Phne 2.0: The Next Generation” for their Winter Play performance in December. Theatre 4 is preparing for the Florida District 6 Junior Thespian Festival with the one-act play, “Stupid is Just 4 2Day”, as well as 26 Individual Event pieces ranging from monologues, to duets, to improve, and much more.

You can follow the Cypress Middle Theatre Department on Twitter @CLMSTheatre.

Visual Arts Department

“In Art, the hand can never execute anything higher than the heart can imagine.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Visual Arts classes at Cypress Lake Middle School exist to allow students to engage in imaginative problem-solving and to inspire them to create their highest quality artwork. Our goal is to construct a safe, encouraging environment that fosters a child’s individual inherent artistic talent. Each course offered at CLMS provides extensive hands-on opportunities to teach your child new skills in media such as drawing, painting, and sculpting.

Cypress Lake Middle School offers four distinctly different Visual Art curriculums. Each level deepens our students’ understanding of Art and expands the complexity of projects. In Beginning Art (Art 1), students learn that the Elements of Art (line, shape/form, texture, color, value, and space) are a foundation and a departure point for personal creativity. In Intermediate Art (Art 2), students study famous masterpieces to understand how historical, social, ecological, religious, economic, and technological conditions influence Art. In Advance Art (Art 3), students study careers connected to the Arts. They also use constructive criticism as a tool for artistic growth. In Portfolio Art (Art 4), students prepare their own collection of artworks prior to auditions for coveted seats at the high school Center of the Arts

Orchestra/Chorus Department

Chorus 1: This is a beginning class and is one semester long. Students learn how to read music and learn the basics of singing as a chorus.

Chamber Chorus: Students for this group are chosen by audition. They will continue to refine and develop more advanced vocal techniques and ensemble skills. This group is expected to participate in Music Performance Assessment (MPA) events and concerts throughout the school year.

Panther Singers: Students for this group are chosen by audition. They need to be able to comfortably sing a solo in front of a microphone, display good stage presence, and be able to perform simple choreography. These students will continue to refine and develop more advanced vocal techniques and ensemble skills including choreography. These students will be expected to participate in many concerts and festivals throughout the year including: All-State, All-County, MPA, and Solo & Ensemble.

Orchestra I: Students in this class will learn to play violin, viola, cello, or bass. This class will learn the basics of how to hold their instrument properly, make a good sound, and learn to read music while learning to play a variety of songs.

Orchestra 2 (Intermediate): This class is a continuation of the beginning class. Students will be learning how to play more advanced techniques such as third position, vibrato, and playing in different key signatures. They are expected to perform in various music festivals throughout the year, such as Solo and Ensemble, All-County Orchestra, and MPA.

Orchestra 3 (Chamber): This class is referred to as the Chamber Orchestra where the students will continue refining and learning more advanced techniques and ensemble skills. They will play more challenging pieces and learn to develop a more mature sound. These students will be expected to play in many concerts and festivals including: All-County Orchestra, MPA, and Solo & Ensemble throughout the year.

Both programs earn Excellent and Superior ratings on a regular basis in all of our MPA and Solo and Ensemble Events. We are also represented each year at All State Orchestra and Chorus and All County Orchestra and Chorus.


Band 1: Students in this class will learn how to play woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments and have the opportunity to play concerts throughout the year. No prior knowledge is needed to be successful in the course and students will learn how to read, create, and produce quality music on the instrument of their choice.

Band 2: (Symphonic Band): In Symphonic Band, students begin exploring a wide range of repertoire and learn more in-depth techniques with their instruments. These students learn to play rigorous literature and have the opportunity to move into the top band in the following year. Symphonic Band participants have the opportunity to play in the Pep-Band and other extra-curricular activities.

Band 3: (Wind Ensemble): The Wind Ensemble is the top performing group in the Band program at CLMS. This group explores historical literature and works towards the Music Performance Assessment, usually held in earth April. Wind Ensemble participants get to participate in the Pep-Band, All County, and All State Bands and are exposed to professional quality music daily.

Jazz Band: The Jazz Band is made up mostly of second and third year musicians. In Jazz Band, we explore the first true American music and play in a variety of genres such as rock, funk, shuffle, and swing. Jazz Band is a great place for pianists, guitarists, and drummers to hone their skills and is a great environment for the creative thinker and music lover.