Semester Calendar

August 12/13- “First day” stuff

August 14/15- Activity Day!

August 16/19- More “First day” Stuff

August 20/21- Setting up our sketchbooks

August 30/September 3- Boot Camps roll out

*reminder: you have to “unlock” your center first!

September 12- tie-dye t-shirts **portfolio only**

September 16/17- Yankee Candle Fundraiser begins

September 18/19- Boot Camps due

September 26- ding darling cartoon entries due

September 26/27- Final Boot Camp project (Assessment 1) due

*reminder: you have to get a sketchbook check first!

September 26/27- Activity Day!

September 26/27- Yankee Candle Fundraiser ends

October 1/2- Explore + Experiments (Assignment 2) roll out

October 10- Scarecrow Installation at Lakes Park

October 20- Ding Darling Awards ceremony

October 30/31- E + E Process Boards due

November 1/4- Activity Day! 

November 7/8- Miracle Baseball Holiday Card entry deadline

November 12/13- WOW Projects must be approved

November 25- Edison Tree Trail Installation

December 5/6- WOW Projects Due