All Band Students Need Instruments
Dear Band Families,

Before going over band instruments I want to share my view on instruments:

Each band student ought to have their own instrument to use for rehearsal and performances.

High quality instruments are expensive and renting an instrument may not be an available option for all families. 

There is a small inventory of CLMS instruments available for students to sign out. These will be signed out on a case by case basis. Students who use these instruments will need to fill out the proper paperwork and a parent signature is required. Families will be accountable for repair costs that go beyond the students Fair Share money that has been turned in.

If possible, please turn in your fair share to help support the band program as soon as possible.

Here is common band-student instrument plan

6th grade - use CLMS instrument while saving for rent-to-own
7th grade - Rent-to-own from a local music store
8th grade - Pay-off final amount for instrument
9th grade - no change
10th grade - Sell back beginner instrument and purchase or rent-to-own an intermediate instrument
11th grade - have a high quality instrument that will last a lifetime!

Please send in your questions and concerns.


Mr. Dean