Music in the Parks

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Saturday, April 25, 2020
Student Cost $155 - Includes Festival Registration, Required Shirt, Park Ticket, and Meal Voucher
Parent Cost $115 + Includes Bus Fee, Required Shirt, Park Ticket, and Meal Voucher
If you/ your child owns a Busch Gardens season pass, you may be eligible for a reduced festival admission. Please contact Mr. Dean for more info.

Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble Students
Students must be in attendance at all evening performances AND concert MPA to be eligible to participate in Music in the Parks. Unexcused concert absences will result in the student forfeiting all payments for the trip. There will be no refunds. 

Rationale - What are the benefits of a band festival?
Performance preparation is the most effective educational method for band students. Performing for the Music in the Parks Judges will allow for subjective feedback on the band's efforts because the event is run in the same way as a typical Music Performance Assessment. The friendly competition serves as a positive motivation a potential reward for the students in the same way as it does for athletics. The time in the park afterwards is a PBIS reward of the highest quality, a chance for students to further develop their social skills, and certainly what our young artists deserve for their hard work and dedication.

Itinerary (To be adjusted, the final itinerary will be posted in March 2020)
5:30 AM - Load the bus and band trailer
6:00 AM - Drive to ________ High School in Tampa, FL
8:30 AM - Change into Performance Uniform
9:30 AM - Perform for the Music in the Parks Festival Judges
10:30 AM - Light snack/ change out of uniform
11:30 PM - Busch Gardens
Large Meal at chaperone group discretion
6:00 PM - Awards Ceremony
9:15 PM - Load the Bus
11:30 PM - Parent Pick-Up

Behavior Expectation
Band students and chaperones will be representing CLMS and the CLMS Band and as such must be a constant example of positive citizenship. Students are required to wear their field trip t-shirt while in the park; shorts may be worn but must be at least "finger length." While in the park, shoes with at least a heel strap are recommended. The purchase and/or use of products containing alcohol will not be allowed. Students who severely violate any part of the SDLC code of conduct will be brought to the Park Gate and will need to be picked up by the parent/ guardian at the parent/ guardian's expense. There will be no refunds.