Renting from a Music Store
Renting a Band Instrument from a Local Music Store

Within 5 miles of CLMS there are two music stores that rent band instruments.

In alphabetical order:
Cadence Music
Mr. Music

For most band instruments the monthly cost is about $30. Once the instrument payments are complete the student owns the instrument.

Both stores sell time tested brands.
Ask them about:
1) Free-month specials

2) Repair policies and procedures

3) Music stands / folding music stands for sheet music (Note: Folding stands will not be strong enough to hold a chromebook)
4) Instrument stands

5) Buy-back/ step up programs if you want to sell back a beginner instrument and buy an intermediate instrument a few years from now.

6) Cost of Renting New vs Renting Used (Mr. Dean HIGHLY recommends renting used then, once the student is more experienced, trading for New Intermediate in High School)