Band Grades & Concert Attendance Policy

Image result for grades clip artBand Grades

60%  "Weekly Rehearsal Grade" - 9 assignments per quarter

For this assignment students may earn up to 100 points per week.
50 points = Bring all class materials (instrument, music, chromebook) each rehearsal.
30 points = Shows improvement at their own pace
20 points = Demonstrates care for their instrument and posture.

30% Tests

Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble & Symphonic Band - Scales, Daytime Concerts, Concert Prep Quizzes, Solo & Ensemble

Beginning Band - "Play-offs" - each year, we hold a friendly competition to see who can learn the most songs in the book. Students may perform their work in class or submit recordings via chromebook.

10 % Evening Concerts

Wind Ensemble - Curriculum Night, Fall Concert, Choice Open House, Spring Concert, MPA Field Trip, All Arts Show

Symphonic Band - Curriculum Night, Fall Concert, Spring Concert, MPA Field Trip

Jazz Band - Fall Concert, Winter Event (TBA), MPA Field Trip, 2nd semester Community Performances (TBA)

Beginning Band - Fall Concert, Spring Concert

Concert Attendance is mandatory. Excused absences may only be approved by school principal and/or band director. Medical excuses require a doctor's note. 
Excuses will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Excused absences include but are not limited to: sudden illness, a death in the family, planned medical procedures, etc.

For a concert absence to be excused: Mr. Dean must hear the voice of a parent/ guardian of the child missing the event.
Students who miss concerts will receive a concert grade of 0% for the missed concert. 

Students who miss concerts for an excused absence will have the opportunity to do a make-up assignment, usually in the form of a performance quiz on their specific instrument. Make-up assignments are designed on a case-by-case basis to form an accurate demonstration of the skills performed at the concert event.

Unexcused absences from concerts will result in Symphonic Band/ Wind Ensemble students forfeiting their account money and seat for the Music in the Parks Festival.

Unexcused absences from concerts may result in students losing certain privileges such as performing at the All Arts Show or 8th Grade Celebration

Transportation difficulties are not an excused absence. Please plan necessary concert travel as early as possible.

Rationale: Bands function similarly to many athletics teams. We train together and learn our music as a team. An absence in the group will have a negative effect