Solo & Ensemble

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Solo = Student + Piano (The band book has the piano part online for beginners)

Ensemble = duets, trios, quartets, quintets, "choirs" of the same instrument type

ALL CLMS Students are required to complete at least one Solo or Ensemble assignment by May 15, 2020.

Students may choose from their class list or a class list of a high level.

Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble students are HIGHLY encouraged to participate in the 2020 Solo & Ensemble MPA where they will have the opportunity to receive guest judge comments and possibly win an excellent or superior medal.

Essential Elements Items may not be used at the 2020 Solo & Ensemble MPA.
Only approved pieces from the state list may be used for the 2020 Solo & Ensemble MPA.

Memorization is never required for Solo & Ensemble.

Beginning Band Options

Essential Elements Solos - 
#25 Lightly Row
#90 Mozart Melody Variations

Essential Elements Duets - #30 London Bridge
#49 Hey, Ho! Nobody's Home (as a canon)
#79 Jolly Old St. Nick

Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble Options

Essential Elements Solos
#118 - Theme from "New World Symphony" or Hungarian Dance No. 5
#185 - Eine Klein Nachtmusik / Theme from Symphony No. / Can-Can (Percussion)

Essential Elements Duets
#186 - Swing Low Sweet Chariots
#187 - La Bamba